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Opt For Fixed Braces in Walsall Now

At Hillary Street Dental Surgery, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your smile and we know that smile confidence usually comes with straight, white teeth! We provide a range of smile makeover services with something to suit every situation and budget! Why not ask us about our fixed brace options and how they can help straighten your teeth, in an accessible and affordable way?

Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed metal braces are one of the most common and effective treatments when it comes to straighter teeth. The benefits of opting for fixed braces made from metal are that they give a higher degree of control over the final positioning of your teeth and are a truly tried and tested solution!

Traditional fixed braces made from metal, sometimes have a bad reputation, but the fact is they, they get the job done! Securely, quickly and with outstanding results! Modern metal braces are designed to offer greater comfort too and they are one of the most affordable orthodontic treatments on the market.

Why not find out more about getting your teeth straightened with fixed metal braces from Hillary Street Dental Surgery?

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Fixed Ceramic Braces

If you are looking for the affordable, strong, and reliable teeth straightening method that fixed metal braces offer, but with the added bonus of a more natural looking finish, then ceramic fixed braces could be for you!

Ceramic braces are also made up of small squares that are fixed to the teeth and then connected with wire, but the main components are made from ceramic rather than metal. This means they are much less noticeable as they tend to be the same colour as the teeth themselves.

Ceramic fixed braces are a popular choice at Hillary Street Dental Surgery as they are suitable for both adults and children, and they offer discreet teeth straightening that is still an affordable option. Book an appointment with our team to find out more or why not take a look at our Invisalign® braces?

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Fixed braces at Hillary Street Dental Surgery cost from £2,600 and we have interest-free finance options available

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